Through creating and sharing positive steps,
good will grow and peace will prevail.

Panorama Pathways Offers
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Air Quality-Climate Change-Renewable Energy—Videos-Networking-Dialogue-Arts

To help people and organizations create new paths and share news about progress toward understanding and peace

Paulette Middleton
Creator & President

“I am very optimistic about our abilities as global citizens to work together to create a peaceful world for all people.”

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Collaborating Partners

Dave Renné Renewables
“International Renewable Energy Analysis and Development Consulting”

Aspen Hill Films
“A Window on the World of Positive Change”

Positive Pace
“Positive News for a Peaceful Future”

Key Activities
Network Manager – GEIA (Global Emissions InitiAtive)
“Brings together people, data, and tools to create highest quality information on past, present and future chemical exchange processes throughout the world”

Executive Committee - International Solar Energy Society

Operations Committee – American Solar Energy Society
“Promotes the rapid transition to a renewable energy world where everyone has access to energy, energy is used efficiently and wisely, and the energy sources are all renewable”

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